Kitchen Exhaust Fan Cleaning in Melbourne

We offer kitchen exhaust cleaning and more. We provide end to end cleaning service for your kitchen. Be it at your restaurant or hotel, cleanliness and hygiene of the kitchen is our responsibility.

All the cooking causes oil, dirt and grime to accumulate on the kitchen canopy, exhausts and the kitchen walls. The workbenches, grills, and utensils also collect the dirt. If left that way, they get damaged. If cleaned wrong, they get damaged. This is why you need our professional service in duct cleaning Melbourne style.

Here are a few advantages of a clean kitchen:

  • Chances of a fire hazard are reduced, as accumulated grease on kitchen walls can increase the risk.
  • An unclean kitchen is breeding ground for pests & insects. Regular cleaning will keep them away from your kitchen.
  • Longevity of high-end kitchen equipment and utensils depends highly on cleanliness and good maintenance. Our commercial kitchen extractor fan cleaning is done keeping all maintenance aspects in mind.
  • A clean kitchen renders a great business image for your hotel or restaurant. It also creates a clean, safe and positive work environment for those involved in kitchen activities.

A clean kitchen ensures great productivity.

Why hire us?                                                     

  • We strictly follow the Australian standards of health and safety in our cleaning service.
  • Our team uses highly specialized equipment for kitchen cleaning so that no trace of dirt is present at any corner of your kitchen.
  • We provide the service at hours of your choice so that your regular business operations are not hampered.

So, if you are looking for effective extractor fan cleaning services in Melbourne, look no further. Call Canopy Cleaning Melbourne and experience the best cleaning service in the city.

Exhaust Fan Cleaning Before

Exhaust Fan Cleaning AFTER