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Canopy Cleaning Melbourne uses specialised Australian standard equipment to give your kitchen canopy a comprehensive cleaning both inside and out. We are a canopy cleaning and kitchen exhaust cleaning specialist in Melbourne. We remove all grease and flammable material from the interior surfaces of the canopy, flue and commercial kitchen exhaust fan.

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Canopy Hood & Duct Cleaning

Your restaurant business needs proper take care to make it profitable and successful. Your restaurant canopy cleaning  rids the kitchen of all the bad smells and harmful gases. However, to make it keep working for long. It would be best if you kept cleaning it regularly. Not doing regular cleaning can prove to be a significant hazard. It may also lead to a fire or any other damage in your restaurant.

Just the thought of a fire at your workplace can be extremely devastating, and we hope that no restaurant owner would want that to happen. To help you get your kitchen commercial canopy cleaning done, we will ensure that you do not have to face any such dangerous hazards at work.

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Certified and Insured Commercial Canopy Cleaning In Melbourne

kitchen canopy cleaning, exhaust fan cleaning, restaurant cleaning and deep equipment cleaning services in Melbourne. To assist in cleaning your canopies in classrooms, hotels, restaurants, and residences, we provide licenced and insured canopy cleaning Melbourne along with a variety of associated services including canopy duct cleaning and canopy hood cleaning. Call the canopy cleaners in Melbourne right away.

Cleaning your commercial kitchen canopies is crucial for maintaining their cleanliness, hygienic conditions, and general effectiveness. This might make your kitchen a fire danger if not cleaned up. Our Melbourne canopy cleaners have years of expertise and are skilled in cleaning kitchen canopies. We promise to provide cleaning services that are of the greatest quality.

In addition to guaranteeing the security of your customers, staff, and workspace, maintaining a clean exhaust system complies with Australian cleaning regulations. Call our Melbourne expert canopy cleaning right now.

Canopy Cleaning Services Near You

We specialise in a range of quality kitchen exhaust cleaning in Melbourne. We also offer restaurant and kitchen equipment cleaning services in Melbourne. We provide affordable daily, weekly and monthly occasional cleaning services to businesses. We are experts in all kinds of Canopy clean repair services in Melbourne. We also offer our best services to restaurants, hotels, food courts and cafes.

Canopy Cleaning Melbourne has been in the services of canopy care for many years. We provide canopy cleaning services for all types of restaurants. We also clean the commercial kitchen exhaust fan and flue in the kitchen. With all the necessary equipment, we promise to give you high-quality cleaning services at affordable rates.

Canopy Cleaning

Canopy Hood Cleaning

At Canopy Cleaning Melbourne, we use specialised equipment to give your kitchen canopy hood a comprehensive cleaning both inside and out.

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Canopy duct cleaning

Canopy Duct Cleaning 

We do canopy duct cleaning for the best air quality and system performance, it is vital that inspection and duct cleaning procedures are adhered to.

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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Melbourne

Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Our fully trained restaurant cleaning team are equipped to clean commercial exhaust fans to the highest standard using the latest cleaning techniques.

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Restaurant canopy Cleaner Melbourne

Equipment Cleaning

We clean all commercial kitchen equipment from deep fryers to dishwashers and cool rooms from small take away shops to 5-star hotels.

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What Our Customer Say About Us

Thank you canopy cleaning Melbourne for doing deep cleaning in my restaurant. Stainless steel looks new again easy to book in n absolutely professional worker. Also, the cheap price and the work quality is A1. Highly recommended!

Roger Jarek

Canopy cleaning Melbourne doing a good job in our restaurant for a long time. They always on time, always provide certificates and the most affordable. We have been using these guys since I opened my restaurant and it’s a charcoal chicken shop and glad to have their services. 

Sarah Ray

I have used Canopy Cleaners Melbourne for many years on a regular basis and the result is always fantastic. Work always was done on time and done properly the first time. I would highly recommend this cleaning company.

John Nelso

Our Canopy Cleaning Process

Here are how we clean your canopies in the kitchen:

We are pioneers in canopy cleaning and kitchen exhaust cleaning in Melbourne. We are known for our best canopy cleaning services, expert and dedicated team, always ready to serve best to their clients. We specialise in duct cleaning, fan cleaning and various cleaning and repairing services in Melbourne.Canopy Cleaning has served many people and earned so much appreciation. The primary industries served by us are mentioned below:

  • Food production 
  • industries
  • Food courts
  • Hotels
  • Restaurant
  • Cafe
Commercial Kitchen Canopy Cleaning Service Melbourne
Kitchen Canopy Cleaning Service Melbourne

Why Hire Us For Canopy Cleaning?

Here are why you should hire us for restaurant canopy cleaning Melbourne


  • Professionalism – We have all the sophisticated tools, cleaning products and cleaning staff who are well-trained to do the cleaning job for your canopies thoroughly.
  • Affordable –  We offer affordable canopy cleaning services in Melbourne. The overall cost of hiring a commercial kitchen canopy cleaning Melbourne like us can be relatively cheaper than if you were to buy the cleaning tools products and gather a labour force to help you with the cleaning process.
  • Safer – Cleaning your restaurant canopy inside out is not an easy job. This requires expert-level skills to do. Each of our Melbourne canopy cleaners is an expert in cleaning your canopies, and we help remove all grease and flammable residues from the interior surfaces of the canopies, ducts and fans

Kitchen Canopy Cleaners In Melbourne

Kitchen canopy cleaning is vital for your commercial kitchen canopies’ cleanliness, hygiene and overall efficiency. If left uncleaned, this can lead to fire hazards in your kitchen. Our canopy cleaners in Melbourne have over 7 years of experience and are well-trained in kitchen canopy cleaning. We ensure you the highest standards of cleaning work quality. Ensuring that your exhaust system is regularly cleaned and maintained ensures the safety of your clients, employees, and working space and follows Australian cleaning compliance. 

We do all kinds of commercial canopy cleaning that you need for your kitchen. We’ve covered you no matter how big or small the work is.  We has premier canopy cleaners in Melbourne, offering various canopy cleaning services such as duct cleaning, hood cleaning, exhaust fan cleaning, and more. Our Melbourne canopy cleaners are well-trained to provide you with the best experience.

Canopy Cleaning Melbourne specialists use unique cleaning techniques and equipment to clean your kitchen exhaust canopy and exhaust fans. We always use eco-friendly products 100% safe for the environment and your health. We stand by our aim to help our precious clients without letting them down. Canopy Cleaner has earned a reputation for our dependability and excellent high standard of commercial cleaning services. Our experts in canopy cleaning in Melbourne are professionally trained to offer comprehensive services. Our exhaust canopy cleaners do their job with precision, perfection, and safety and health regulations. The commercial kitchen undergoes a deep cleaning procedure with canopy repair if needed. 

Whether it is canopy cleaning, duct cleaning, Exhaust fan cleaning or anything else, you will always be satisfied after hiring our canopy cleaning services. So, don’t waste your valuable time and get a free quote now.

Why Commercial Canopy Cleaning Melbourne

Declarations of Guarantee for compliance with Insurance Policies, Health Regulations and Lease Compliance.

  • Regular and reliable scheduling that meets your needs.
  • Cost benefits – Improved extraction performance and allow your staff to concentrate on your core business.
  • Police checked staff had full knowledge of the laws existing in Melbourne and nearby areas.
  • Assigning a service manager who understands and takes care of all your requirements and sees that all the guidelines are adhered to.
  • Specialised training is provided to all the cleaners who have extensive knowledge in the cleaning of canopy exhaust systems.
  • Peace of mind – reduced fire, OH&S and food safety risks.
  • Annual service agreements that allow cash flow to be spread over a 12-month period.
Canopy Cleaning Melbourne

Canopy Cleaning Cost

The average cost of canopy cleaning is $50-$80 (t&c* apply) per hour. The rest depends on the conditions of the hood, sometimes the extra cost required for inspection, and much more.

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How We Clean Your Canopies

  • Preparation:

Safety Check: We ensure all electrical and gas connections are turned off.
Protective Gear: Canopy cleaners wear personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves and goggles.

  • Degreasing:

Apply Cleaner: We use a green cleaner on the canopy surface.
Scrubbing: Scrub away grease and grime with brushes or scouring pads.

  • Rinsing:

High-Pressure Rinse: Cleaners thoroughly rinse the canopy with high-pressure water to remove cleaning agents and dislodged debris.

  • Drying and Reassembly:

Air Dry or Towel Dry: Allow the canopy to air dry or use clean towels.
Reassemble: We put back dismantled components and ensure everything is dry before turning on connected systems.

Always follow specific guidelines for your type of canopy and adhere to safety regulations. Adjust the steps as needed based on the material and design of your canopy.

Canopy Cleaners

Commercial Kitchen Canopy Cleaning Near You In Melbourne, VIC

We are the canopy cleaning specialists near you in Melbourne, serving across the city. We do all kinds of commercial canopy cleaning services that you need for your kitchen. No matter how big or small the work is, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with our canopy cleaners today.

Why Hire Canopy Cleaning Melbourne?

    • Service on Schedule
    • Affordable Prices
    • Reliable Service
    • Special Offers
    • Fast and effective Service
    • Certified and trained staff
    • Quality cleaning tools

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Canopy Cleaning Melbourne has Melbourne’s best commercial cleaning experts! We specialise in kitchens, canopies & filters, exhaust fans, ducts, disinfection & sanitising. Our canopy cleaners are well-trained and come equipped with sophisticated cleaning tools and supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Does Canopy Cleaning Cost In Melbourne?

The average cost of canopy cleaning in Melbourne is $50-$80 per hour. The cost can increase depending on the conditions of your kitchen.

2. How Often Should I Clean My Kitchen Canopy?

We recommend you perform a general canopy cleaning once every 3 months and a deep canopy cleaning at least once every 6 months for better kitchen functioning.

3. How Long Does It Take To Clean My Commercial Kitchen?

The duration it takes to clean your kitchen depends on the condition of your kitchen. On average, it takes 1-3 hours to complete the job.

4. Is Your Company Insured?

Yes, absolutely. Our canopy cleaning company is fully insured and warranted.