Who we are and what we do.

We clean what you see in the canopy, but more importantly, we clean what you don’t see. Our Cleaners clean the entire system starting from the canopy, then the upper canopy directly behind the filters, then ducting and then the fan on the roof. We will always clean the system back to bare metal, which elevates the fire hazard.

  • Written, fixed price quotations
  • We are experienced in the cleaning and maintenance of Halton UV system and lights.
  • Regular and reliable scheduling that meets your needs

Kitchen Canopy Cleaning

Our Mission

The customer is the king for us. We look at the inquiries of each customer and try to give them topnotch canopy cleaning services for their restaurants. We are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations and to delivering the highest quality of work possible.

Our Vision

For us, each restaurant is important and we work hard to take our business at a higher level by fulfilling the needs of every customer. We consider it a privilege to look after your restaurant in the same manner we look after our own.

Our Goals

We have set a goal to give the maximum of service to people at affordable rates. Our goal is to make each restaurant a special place for eating. We hope to win every customer’s trust and confidence of being treated fairly with.